OpenFL 3.6 blur filter on native & native shader support state

Hey everyone,

two questions:

  1. Is there any way at all to blur Sprite / BitmapData in current OpenFL (not legacy)?
  2. Are shaders already implemented and working on native? I searched for some examples, but didn’t find anything useful, I’ll be thankful for some links if it already works.

This helped a bit, hopefully enough:

If you have some more information, please post it here, thanks.

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Those samples will not work with the latest source, but we are continuing to work on these features

Well, they somehow did for me (hxcpp 3.3.49, lime: 2.9.1, openfl: 3.6.1), c++ mac target, but this is probably not what you mean by “latest”.

Yeah, sorry

We have rewritten the OpenGL renderer since the 3.6.1 release, the good news is that we have many improvements, but the downside is we lost some of the filter functionality. We are doing a shader filter system that is cross-platform, and when we are done with filters, it should work for all platforms and not just GL-based rendering.

We are going to be releasing the next version of everything soon, I’m cautious, but if I will see if we can speed up the process to get this reimplemented, so we release with this available. This was not fully implemented before, thus the “one step back, three steps forward” process here

Thanks for information. As long, as GLSL shaders will be working, I’m probably fine and if not, I can wait until they are implemented. I’d like to help, but I’m not really that much deep into this stuff yet. Thank you for all the work you are doing on OpenFL.