Not a clue where to start

So after two days of commitment I still don’t even know which language I can use all I see are references to AS3 and HaXe aswell and chat about C++ so I’m lost I dont know if I code in HaXe, AS3 or C++ are all three in a weird mishmash, I don’t know if OpenFL is so heavily dependant on its api that regular coding in its language would result in failure or where I should if I learn better by example(tutorials) seriously guys, I came from Unity3D and they had heave documentation on API. I love the idea of OpenFL and the fact that I get to learn a new language but I’m so lost that idk where to start anymore can you guys link to all the stuff that taught you, plus what you wish you knew

Regarding the language you use:

  • You write Haxe code.
  • The Haxe compiler creates AS3 code.
  • The Haxe compiler also creates C++ code.

Regarding tutorials, it’s to be expected that an open source project has worse documentation than a proprietary one like Unity. But there are still a few out there, like this and this.

Yup you write in haxe but haxe is VERY similar to as3, syntax is a little bit different but you can read on the differences here:
Since they are similar and openfl mimicks flash api you can read as3 tutorials and then convert the code to haxe.