Nested extensions

I’m in the process of creating a haxelib framework for my game. In it I want to define some native extensions. What’s the best way to include them all? These are the options I see:

  1. Separate each extension out into a separate Haxelib
  2. Have an extensions folder inside the original haxelib that has a separate subfolder for each extension
  3. Merge all of the framework code including extensions into one haxelib

I’ve started down path 2 but am running into issues. I’m not keen on the other two options but if they prove better then maybe I’ll just have to adapt.

Regarding the problem I’m having with option 2, at the moment in the root haxelib I have added an include for the extension in the extensions subdirectory. I can build this extension fine and it produces an ndll in it’s own ndll directory. When I go to use this extension/haxelib in a project, the compiler complains that it cant find this extension’s ndll in the root haxelib’s ndll folder (it won’t because the extension is in a subdirectory). Any advice here would be helpful.

Should I just force the build to move the ndll to the haxelib root ndll folder? I’m using the default SampleExtension at the moment.

I think after a bit of thought I’m leaning towards option 3 now…

I think it depends on scope, are the extensions useful on their own? IAP and Gamecenter (for example) probably make more sense apart than together

If you do use separate folders, you can always use include tags to pull additional xml