Neko / Android, getBounds issue with tilesheet Rect centered


I found an issue with the getBounds method with a Sprite drawed from a TileSheet rect with center point.

I was surprised that the hitTestObject was ok in flash but not in neko or android, it’s due to the getBounds(this) whih returns an incoherent bound.


	var bitmapdata = Assets.getBitmapData("img/stylesheet.png");
	var tilesheet = new Tilesheet(bitmapdata);

	// Tile with center point
	tilesheet.addTileRect(new Rectangle(0, 0, 64, 64), new Point(32, 32));

	// Bound test
	var spHit1 = new Sprite();
	tilesheet.drawTiles(, [0, 0, 0], true);

It displays:
Main.hx:128: (x=-2048, y=-2048, width=64, height=64)
I think -2048 is 0 - 32 (center) * 64 (width).

Everything is ok with flash, it displays:
Main.hx:128: (x=-32, y=-32, w=64, h=64)