Need guidance for mobile UI

Ok so many years ago I built a good website based on php and flash using haxe and aswing. Aswing was wonderful because I used its visual GUI builder and it spit out all the code I needed, it was all simple to put together the visual that linked to code. I would really like to move this project to mobile platforms these days but the absence of aswing here really is leaving me stuck. I realize haxe was originally built around flash and maybe some of this simplicity is now lost, I have searched for a cross platform UI alternative and nothing is as simple to work with as aswings GUI builder, honestly it looks like going to these platforms native tools provides more visual UI building tools and simplicity… has haxe lost some of its ease with the move away from flash, should I even be trying to reuse me old code in moving to mobile?

While I agree with you.

Do you know that now SWF is a first class citizen of OpenFL! Its not all code as in the case of Haxe GUI builder, but hope that makes a lot of sense to compare visual UI tools.

Coming from Flash background, making GUI in Flash itself and running it every where is now possible.

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There are also other projects, StablexUI (which I think might be based on ASwing? I’m not sure) or HaxeUI are other alternatives, though I agree with @saumya, I personally use Adobe Animation / Flash Professional to generate UI, then use a library like “layout” to handle resizing

(OpenFL includes a “SimpleSWFLayout” project that illustrates how that can work for fluid layouts)

Ahh! I never knew that.

I strongly suggest using Advanced Layout rather than that library. Here’s why.

Hi there,
I added

using layout.LayoutCreator;

am I to expect code completion to work with this in flashDevelop ?
or is there a manual somewhere that lists all the options ? or should I just read through the hx files ?
fantastic work by the way! thank you

For code completion, type LayoutCreator. and look at the list of functions.

Due to the way static extensions work, the following are equivalent:

LayoutCreator.simpleWidth(myObject, 50);
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