Load TTF as bytes

Is there a way to get a font file from the asset system as bytes? With the Flash target (I haven’t tried elsewhere yet), Assets.getBytes(“font.ttf”) doesn’t seem to want to return anything but if I change the file extension it works fine. I’m guessing that this might be due to OpenFL hiving the font off for its own purposes, but for reasons too convoluted to go into detail we need to render glyphs ourselves.

Since I can work around this by renaming the files it’s no big deal, but I’m just curious if there’s a nicer way to tell the asset system to leave the file as is and make it available as bytes?

The tools autodetect the file type based on its extension.

You can force a type:
<assets path="assets/myfonts" include="*.ttf" type="binary" />

Fantastic, that did it perfectly - thanks!