Load assets folder with embed false


I have a probleme with the include tag in my xml project. I want to be able to reference two external library (just assets) in the main project xml with embed tag to false and load this assets later.

I create a include.xml in main folder of my projects. In the main project.xml, i add include tag with path to my assets folder projects.

<include name="appA" path="../appA" embed="false" />
<include name="appB" path="../appB" embed="false" />

Can i use Assets.loadLibrary with this include tag or is irrelevant ?

The <include /> tag will look for an XML project file under that directory. From there, that XML file would specify <asset /> tags, or whatever you need. If you need to pass data to the child XML file, try using a <set /> tag up above or just hard-code it in the child XML.

Otherwise, try using an <assets /> tag instead of <include />, might be what you’re looking for

Thank’s for your reply.
I finally use a solution with a JSON file and <include /> tag.

but… you said

The <include /> tag will look for an XML project file under that directory

correct me if i’m wrong , but its a include.xml who is research, not the project.xml file …

Right, sorry, it should look for “include.xml” if you specify a directory path (<include path="to/extension" />) but can accept any file name if you specify it directly (<include path="/to/other/extension/include.xml" />)

I have a issue with the Assets.loadSound when i put embed=“false” tag in a assets audio, in a Flash Project.
There is my project.xml example

<assets path="assets/audio" type="audio" rename="audio" embed="false" />

When i use the loadSound function of Assets class ,i have encounter this running error :

TypeError: Error #1007: Instantiation attempted on a non-constructor.

It would seem that error come from the “loadAudioBuffer” of DefaultAssetLibrary.hx. A party of code are commented. and we have only getAudioBuffer function.
In this function, i must have a loader who load the sound passed in parameters. But this part of code is commented, unfortunately…

How i can un-commente this part of code to use it ??
This file is auto-generate…

Thanks you

The origin of the file should be lime/templates/haxe/DefaultAssetLibrary.hx when targeting Flash, HTML5, or native -Dnext.

modify loadAudioBuffer function, to be able to use embed false with sound.
Correct me if i’m doing wrong…
It’s work for me.

Thank you! :smile: :success: