Linux 64 bit error

I got this error when install

haxelib run openfl-tools setup
Called from flash/utils/ByteArray.hx line 713
Called from flash/Lib.hx line 233
Called from flash/Lib.hx line 308
Called from flash/Lib.hx line 180
Called from /usr/lib/haxe/std/neko/Lib.hx line 30
Uncaught exception - load.c(237) : Failed to load library : nme.ndll (nme.ndll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)

I got the installer script from
After install i execute the next commands:
haxelib install openfl
haxelib run openfl setup
haxelib install lime-tools
haxelib run lime-tools setup
haxelib install openfl-native
haxelib install openfl-tools
haxelib run openfl-tools

Then i got the error.
It’s the same when i install from the ppa.


Which script did you take?

Both openfl-tools and lime-tools were deprecated some time ago.

If you do

haxelib install openfl
haxelib run openfl setup

that should be enough.

Ok, i will not use openfl-tools and lime-tools.
The script I use is haxe-3.2.1-linux-installer.tar.gz.

Thanks :smiley:

Another question, I install more libraries, can you check if some are deprecated? Or where i can find this info?

flixel, flixel-addons, flixel-demos, flixel-templates, flixel-tools, flixel-ui.


The flixels libraries are good,

sadly there’s no easy place to tell if a lib is deprecated.

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