[lime/opengl] Render-to-texture

I’ve recently spent some time stripping down HaxePunk to a “lean and mean” version meant to help me port some of my old Flash games, for preservation’s sake. The one piece of functionality that’s lacking in order for me to achieve perfect parity is the Screen.capture() method, which I would like to reimplement in a way that would allow me to use a shader (already supported) to mix between the current framebuffer and the captured image.

I know very little about OpenGL, so render-to-texture might not even be the best move here, so I’m open to going with a better solution as long as it achieves the same goal.

Here’s the renderer class: https://github.com/jacobalbano/HaxePunk/blob/dev/haxepunk/graphics/hardware/HardwareRenderer.hx

If you believe you can help, please comment with an estimate of how long it would take to implement and how much you would charge.

Thank you!

We recently discussed screen capture here: window.readPixels coming up blank
Not sure if that helps at all.