Lime/OpenFL on home game consoles

Here’s a talk I just gave at WWX 2015. You might have heard some rumours about this before, now we can finally announce some things!


it was a great talk. looking forward to the future… wait a minute were almost there :wink:

It’s amazing. Esspecially the fact that this put OpenFl ahead of Unity :yum:

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Seems really promising :smiley:
It could definitely bring more and more people to this community !

That is awesome :slight_smile: Exciting times ahead!

Does anyone have any specific questions for me?

Awsome work! I think the next step concerns also openfl for the rest of the platform. shaders. We have in openfl the work made by @Greg209 that takes agal as input and hsxl and I don’t know if there are other options. So any plans in taking one path for all platforms In The shader department?

There’s some shader stuff underway as we speak, I believe. @mrcdk has the details on that, I think he has a pull request open.


This is super awesome amazing news, congrats and great job to the whole OpenFL team! Looking forward to hearing more news! :slight_smile: