Lime development setup failed

I have set up a local lime repo, following the instructions in the repo:

Everything worked fine, but when I attempted to compile while pointing to this version I got this error:
Error: Invalid field access : __a

I am building with Haxe 3.3.0, couldn’t find any info anywhere saying which branch is compatible with which Haxe versions.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Could you retry building with the -v verbose option and print the log so we can see which step is failling.

There are bugs in Haxe 3.3.0-rc1 that prevent Lime (particularly haxe.Template usage) from compiling

It should be fixed in the source for Haxe 3.3, or you can use Haxe 3.2.1 in the meantime. Thank you :slight_smile:

I already have haxe 3.2.1, when I upgraded to openFL 4, I got the same error above, I tried to compile using -v, I got:

/_ \ __
//\ \ /_\ ___ ___ __
\ \ \ /\ \ /’ __\ /’`
_\ _\ \ /\ /\ /\ /\ /
\ _\ _\ _\ _\ _
/ /////////____/

Lime Command-Line Tools (3.0.0)

Initializing project…
Using project file: app-client.xml
Reading HXCPP config: C:\Users\said.hxcpp_config.xml
Using target platform: WINDOWS

Running command: UPDATE

  • Running command: haxelib run swf process C:\Users\said\AppData\Local\Temp/temp_316360 C:\Users\said\AppData\Local\Temp/temp_16552512 -verbose --targetDirectory=H:\repositories\app\Export\windows\cpp\debug
  • Processing library: assets/led.swf [SWF]
  • Processing library: assets/library.swf [SWF]
    Error: Invalid field access : __a

It seems that this issue from lime 3.0.0 ?

This is the latest SWF, Lime and OpenFL libraries? Are any being used from source, or is it all haxelib release versions?

I’ve tried to upgrade SWF, Lime, OpenFL libraries to the latest versions, all from haxelib release versions, but now I get this error:

Type not found : openfl.utils.SystemPath

And what about openfl._legacy.* like openfl._legacy.display.IBitmapDrawable ?

Openfl 4 doesn’t include legacy classes anymore ( )
which includes openfl.utils.SystemPath ( should have the paths you’re looking for )