Is there different between OpenGL and OpenGL ES in default renderState

In Haxe ,I write a program with Html5 and Windwos CPP use GL API, but result is different

(Html5 with OpenGL ES)
{GraphicsPlatform => OpenGL, VersionInfomation => WebGL 1.0 (OpenGL ES 2.0 Chromium), VendorInfomation => WebKit, RendererInfomation => WebKit WebGL}

(CPP with OpenGL)
{RendererInfomation => Quadro 600/PCIe/SSE2, GraphicsPlatform => OpenGL, VersionInfomation => 4.3.0, VendorInfomation => NVIDIA Corporation}


If you use “-Dnext” when you target native, it should be the same. OpenFL “next” (which uses the same code between both HTML5 and native) uses premultiplied alpha. The older OpenFL native implementation does not, that looks like it’s the difference :slight_smile: