Is there a way to simulate Multitouch for debugging on desktop?

Hey, the topic says it all.
I´d like to test multitouch on desktop, in neko would be perfect.
Is there a way to do this without an actual mobile device?

You can create and dispatch TouchEvents manually, I think you could simulate multitouch this way.

In the past I tried what @hcwdikk said but for dispatching MouseEvent.CLICK events for a particular thing I needed to do( changing Facebook cover pic ) every x seconds. But it was impossible: Flash doesn’t allow to dispatch such input events by hand.

And it makes sense because imagine that you have an ad which will be in lot of websites: What could it happen if all of the ads are able to auto-click themselves O.o? MAYHEM.

I remember there was a simulator for Microsoft Surface which emulates perfectly the touch/multi touch events. This was very useful for me when I was dealing with that giant tablets of Microsoft.

Microsoft surface simulator

Take a look at the simulator, i’m not sure but maybe it could work with OpenFL


  • Fran

You can simulate Lime events, however, by calling window.onTouchStart.dispatch or other methods. Perhaps it would be possible to create something. You might also be able to use a touch-screen on the desktop