Is there a benefit to declaring sounds in application.xml?

Whenever I need a sound asset in my program I simply do:

var audio = Assets.getMusic(“path”);;

or I use getSound, depending on what I need. I’ve noticed though that you can declare sounds in the project xml file, as described here:

Is there any actual difference between these two methods? is one more stable and/or consistent?
I do experience occasional audio issues on android, though those have been mostly fixed after upgrading android on my device. Just wondering if declaring some assets in the xml would help at all.

You can include individual files, or directories, using an <asset /> tag, it’s just different methods of discovering the same files. It will assign a type automatically, but you can force the type if you absolutely want to control what it uses. Assets.getSound uses the previous behavior of respecting the assigned type, to do it as an event sound or streaming music, but Assets.getMusic forces type “music” on the asset, no matter what it was embedded as

got it, sounds like I don’t need to do anything different then.