[IOS Native Extension] kUTTypeGIF is null


I want to create a native extension for ios that can copy and paste GIF.
I have a problem with constant kUTTypeGif who’s null when i compile my code.
I thought that i had to import MobileCoreServices to have access but it doesn’t work.

cannot initialize a parameter of type 'NSString * _Nonnull' with an lvalue of type 'const CFStringRef _Nonnull' (aka 'const __CFString *const')
note: passing argument to parameter 'pasteboardType' here

code here : http://pastebin.com/19Ntt9bP

i guess i’m very close but i’m stuck now :pensive:
Can anyone know about this ?

reply-to-myself: You can replace constant kUTTypeGIF by : @"com.compuserve.gif" :grinning: