iOS: Empty HTTP responses

I also encountered the same problem, is there a good solution? IOS will crash when it loads.

Anyone have a good reproduction case?


my takes sometimes 3 hours to get the error. I will try to improve it. If I can get it better I will come back to you.


as long as OpenFL has those issues I came up with the following solution. Simple but non blocking.
Tested about an hour in our game and it did not crash with the same symptoms.

This is based on some OpenFL code btw, should add some links and maybe copyright information.

FYI: cURL is blocking now so your progress handler won’t be called until the very end :confused:

However it’s stable and reliable

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So we will have this in next release?

Please remind me: Does this occur only on iOS?

It’s frustrating since it works elsewhere and I can’t think why it should behave differently there

I did not see it on android, but as we had other crash bugs that crashed the game without always running in debugger I am not sure.