Image loader get Unrecognized file

When we load lmage url haven’t extension,
e.g.[email protected]&hl=zh-TW&x=27464&y=14017&z=15&s=Galileo
got " Unrecognized file" error.

haxe 3.2.0
lime 2.4.5
run lime test ios -simulator -iphone -Dlegacy

Thank you

I seem to remember having issues with url redirects to images before. This looks like it could be related as it’s not a direct link. Curiously this only affected the IOS builds and not the Android or Windows versions. I don’t think I found a way around it other than using a direct link.

it the same in Android.

I think this might be a known issue in legacy, as a workaround, you could try adding “&extension=.png” or some other URL variable that basically gets ignored, but causes the string to have an extension value at the end