[HTML5][WebGL] Compiles in canvas instead WebGL

In “project.xml” I have <haxedef name="webgl" if="html5" />. Compilation with HaxeDevelop F5 always gives me a canvas version. Checked by adding trace("canvas") to CanvasRenderer.render().

Compilation from cmd lime build "project.xml" html5 still gives me a canvas version.

I get WebGL only if I compile my project in cmd lime build "project.xml" html5 -Dwebgl. Checked by adding trace('webgl') to GL.renderDisplayObject()

Defines from xml does not work? Also is there a good way to get info(at runtime) which renderer is used?

Lime 2.9.1 OpenFl 3.6.1 Haxe 3.2.1

Yep, completely ignored.
You can use: trace(stage.window.renderer.type);

New OpenFL will use webgl as default, but that doesn’t really help :slight_smile: