HTML5 project debugging with Intellij IDEA?

Is it possible to debug OpenFL HTML5 project at all? On IDEA I can’t even add breakpoints and when I press ‘debug’ button, it only compiles my project and doesn’t run it. But I still can run my project using ‘run’ button.

Have you tried opening the inspector in (most) web browsers at runtime using Ctrl+Shift+I (or it’s equivalent)?

Yes I know about this but, in this case I will be debugging generated JavaScript, not Haxe. I thought IDEA can debug Haxe like Java or everything else. In general, my question is whether debugging inside IDE possible with OpenFL JS? Or everyone just using Ctrl+Shift+I?

I think when you do JavaScript, it’s up to the browser. I don’t know a browser that allows debugging by an external IDE, however, there are browsers that do support errors with the original line number, where double-clicking can open an editor with the Haxe source instead of generated JS. Otherwise, it isn’t too bad to look at generated JS and understand where/what is up :slight_smile: