[HTML5] Applying a Blendmode to the container of a TileMap

I noticed that to apply a blendmode to a tilemap I have to apply that directly to it, because if I apply the blendmode to a display object containing the tilemap the blendmode doesn’t work: is this normal?

Any explanation about it?

Thanks, I just reproduced this issue on the Cairo renderer, Canvas, GL and Flash appear to work fine. Just committed a fix :slight_smile:

Canvas was working fine before this fix? :thinking:

It was in my test, I applied a blend mode to the Tilemap in BunnyMark, or to it’s parent

Weird… :thinking: I’ll do more tests as soon as possible.

Maybe this will help? :slight_smile:

Ouyes! :laughing:
I will remember about this fix after the next update.


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