How To Parse Xml Files?

How do I read data from an xml file and how do I read a specific part/node of the document by name ? I am very new to the xml format bu want to use it to save basic config files. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I mostly need an example of how do do these things.

You might consider the SharedObject class for saving settings, or even Haxe.Serializer or the Haxe.json class for an automatic way of storing data.

I use Haxe.xml.Fast in Lime tools, if you check the tools/project/ProjectXMLParser.hx file in Lime, you can see how it is used (or look for examples of Fast online)

Thanks I just needed to be led in the right direction.

Iā€™m also use config files with JSON format.
JSON very useful as for me. :wink:

a quick tutorial