How to cache asset creation - Detecting font name takes a long time

Hi there, I try to speed up my compile time (for the flash target) and found that while using -verbose mode the detection of the font name takes a good amount of time - almost two seconds for 3 fonts:

  • Detecting font name: assets/fonts/RobotoTTF/Roboto-Light.ttf -> “Roboto Light”
  • Detecting font name: assets/fonts/RobotoTTF/Roboto-Medium.ttf -> “Roboto Medium”
  • Detecting font name: assets/fonts/RobotoTTF/Roboto-Regular.ttf -> “Roboto Regular”

This seems not to be cached so I wonder if I can somehow set the names for a specific target. Or how can I cache the complete assets.swf (seems to be created every time I compile)?