How Away3d plays Dae animation?

Hi, everyone, I recently researched away3d and chose Blender as a modeling tool, but I didn’t find a way to control the dea object to play animations in away3d.

Can anyone help me? :disappointed_relieved:

Hi rainy.
I don’t actually use DAE but what do you want to do with it, is it jumping between points in the animation?
Or just playing it doesn’t work? I read you need bones for DAE to play in away3D.
Have you tried other formats, like md5, or even MD2 that supports vertex animation, etc?

Thank you for your reply, yes, the play doesn’t work, and it show exception. I use the Blender tool and it doesn’t seem to export the format support for md2/md5.

Working on Away3d, is it better to use md5/md2 and model obj format?

Is there a tutorial on Dae playing animations in Away3d?

I have not try to use DAE, but Away3d has it’s own AWD format of animation models, it’s lightweight and uses skeletal animations. We use 3d max plugin to export animations to AWD and we have no problem with it. The only inconvenience is that the plugin exists only for outdated versions of 3dsmax:

  • 3dsmax 2011 32/64
  • 3dsmax 2012 32/64
  • 3dsmax 2013 32/64
  • 3dsmax 2014 64
    Chances are you will find this convenient too…

This is a good idea, but 3DMax doesn’t seem to have a mac version. Can I export Awd using Maya?

I have never use it, so i can’t help you if there is some problems with maya, but why don’t you try:

Thank you, I will try it.

I found a plugin for exporting md5anim files from Blender 2.8.0. Currently the animations are supported. :slightly_smiling_face:


Using the processing of @player_03 , some new animations were parsed, but the playback was incomplete.

If have any clues, please let me know, thanks!

Can DAE to play animate now!