hitTestObject doesn't work with AnimatedSprite.bitmap as argument (3.0, Windows)

OK, I found another weird thing while testing a 3.0 build on Windows.

Sometimes I use an AnimatedSprite (from the spritesheet library) as a hitbox. I can’t use the whole sprite as the argument for hitTestObject, but in v2 (and in flash) I was able to use the bitmap property, like so:

if (target.hitTestObject(hitbox.bitmap)) {
     return true;

But now, hitTestObject doesn’t reliably return true when the objects overlap. Swapping the calling object with the argument doesn’t help.

It does work properly if I write my own hitTest function using localToGlobal to get the bounds, but that’s not very efficient.

If it’s not a problem with my code, it’s probably something to do with the coordinate space. I do get true when the calling object is something really big, like the current room. There’s probably a workaround, but I haven’t figured one out yet…