Hide, haxe studio or sublime?

greetings all,

with that very helpful fix for openFL and now being able to build stuff [built pong for haxe, which was fun], im looking to extend things slightly.
but im currently using sublime text for all my text input for HAXE/OPENFL. im a mac user. but have seen things for 2 IDEs for HAXE. HAXE STUDIO and HIDE.

these both interest me because i find its better to use a proper IDE, since that can deal better, since its made for these platforms.
but which one should i use. i did try to get HAXE STUDIO working, but that didnt for me. think im missing some command line stuff.
so how is HIDE?
i did see an old video and the guy was saying it was JAVA. has this changed, because in all honesty i want to stay away from JAVA and not install the JDK just to work it. just personal preference :wink:
im sure thats not the case now, but just would like to know since i cant find much info. let alone much info about it working on macs.

i am using SUBLIME with the HAXE bundle. and whilst great, i feel it lacks a bit. so this is where im asking. just see what others think.

oh, and before you say ‘why dont you VM flah develop?’. really, id rather buy a new machine than just doing a VM for it :wink:


Haxe studio and hide are good projects but they are way too young to be used imo.

If you feel sublime is lacking features do not try these two, while they may have better haxe support they lack a lot of an IDE features.

People are saying good things about IntelliJ, the haxe plugin is really good, though that’s java.

Another IDE you can try is github’s atom with its Haxe language extensions.

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thanks for that man. it does seem they are still very infant at this time. since no real prictures or images are about. which is a shame

aye, i do know about intelliJ with the HAXE plugin, and did try it some time ago. bit fiddily i thought, but again, JAVA. id rather stick cupcakes in my eyelids than install JAVA :wink: i dont even have flash. :wink:

dont get me wrong sublime, or more so the HAXE plugin for it do a good job. it has some very nice things and the help from the dev has been nice.
but i may go on a journey of making my own HAXE plugin with a different text editor. i know a guy who makes one, sadly only mac though, but it doesnt use python, which i also am not a fan of :wink:
uses JS/coffeescript instead for its plugins.

i guess in more than one way, ill have to wait. either HIDE, haxe studio get better or flash develop get made with mac binary.

ah well. its not the end of the world :wink:

thanks again

just tried but seems to not work, few things wrong. did follow what i needed, but nothing. sumlime is not the end of the world in general. something will come one day. but thanks

excuse, i was trying to reply before, but reached my limit and was given a time frame i could post back :wink:

i wont ask about when flash develop may be coming to mac. i already saw and could even imagine that there have been plenty asking :wink:
plus as well on thinking. since starting, i just need to get used to the language more than anything. being a c++/lua/openframeworks person, i need to think differently in how its dealt with. but ctually am happy to now stick with HAXE and OPENFL. even remaking a game i have online which is 4 player pong and breakout. see how that goes

again, thanks :wink:

A lot of people on Mac use Sublime, but others use IntelliJ IDEA