Hi im a newbie and I NEED HELP!(so nothing new!)

Hi How is everyone! I first want to state i am new to this whole process and I want to apologize if I’m addressing something that has been answer a million times already. I have always dream about getting started making games since I was a kid and this year I decided to learn the process. After much research and studying I have arrived here at openfl, haxeflixel and haxe community. I brought the book haxe game essentials a few days ago and Im having some trouble… everytime I try to setup the enviroment I keep running into this error:

C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/flixel/3,3,11/flixel/util/FlxSave.hx:125: characters 3-44 : openfl.net.SharedObjectFlushStatus should be String

I tried to build to flash like the book says but it isnt working… i look through the forums of both haxeflixel and openfl to no avail… Im not sure what to do to get passed this I am at a complete lost.


We’ve been making some changes to help unify things like “SharedObjectFlushStatus”, which worked differently in the Flash target than in other targets. The latest HaxeFlixel from GitHub should be changed to work with the latest version of OpenFL, but it is possible that it has not been released yet.

What I would recommend is either 1.) try using a different target than Flash at the moment (until the next HaxeFlixel release) or perhaps try 2.) using haxelib set lime 2.7.0 then haxelib set openfl 3.4.0 to install (and set) the previous releases of Lime and OpenFL, which are (probably?) what the current release of HaxeFlixel is designed to use.

Please let me know how it goes!