Haxelib Upgrade Broke my Textfields

I was having a problem with erratic FPS even with nothing happening on the screen so I figured haxelib upgrade might find a solution to my problem.

After updating all of my haxelib libraries I found that the Textfields in my application do not WordWrap or Autosize correctly. Also my input textfields are no longer selectable. I would like to revert back to my original library versions but I did not record haxelib list before I upgraded, so I’m not sure what versions I had.

Were openfl textfields changed in a very significant way in any recent builds? Unfortunately my project is very heavily reliant on correctly formatted textfields…

Any help here would be much appreciated.

Try building using -Dv2 or -Dlegacy using the latest libraries. This allows you to use the OpenFL 2 renderer behavior on native platforms, while still having the latest versions (which we continue to improve)

I’m sorry for this inbetween stage as we continue to mature the newer OpenFL codebase, OpenFL 3 includes both OpenFL 2 and OpenFL 3 behaviors, so that you can fallback as the new code continues to develop

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