Haxe, Lime, OpenFL version for my 1st project

Please give me advice about Haxe, Lime, OpenFL version for new project. It is Harman AIR + Starling project (city builder game with isometric graphics). I need html5 port for it. I read some topics about difference of OpenFL v8 and v9 but seems it is outdated information. I need stable and consistent with each other versions of libraries.
What can you recommend? Do anyone have an experience for porting game like isometric citybuilder? Or my be you have links for playable OpenFL versions of someone’s games in the Internet?


At this time, the latest versions are Haxe 4.2.5, Lime 7.9.0, and OpenFL 9.1.0. For someone starting a new project, I recommend simply using these versions.

However, I should mention that we’re about to release Lime 8.0.0 and OpenFL 9.2.0. These updates will contain a ton of helpful bug fixes, and I recommend updating to them once they’re available.

EDIT: Lime 8 and OpenFL 9.2 are now available: Lime 8.0.0 and OpenFL 9.2.0 Release

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For auto conversion ( as3 → haxe ) you can check this projects:

  1. GitHub - innogames/ax3: AS3 to Haxe converter
  2. GitHub - HaxeFoundation/as3hx: Convert AS3 sources to their Haxe equivalent