GAnalytics extension not working in ios arm64

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I am currently using GAnalytics extension for my games. It works fine when targeting android and iOS armv7, but when targeting arm64 it won’t compile. It has linker error and I think that the extension tries to call something that not exist in arm64 library. Does anyone knows how to resolve this?

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I think @fbricker has an extension for Google Analytics that works in pure Haxe code, or, the Build.xml might need to be updated to allow the proper file extension, so it uses the correct ARM64 binary and doesn’t accidentally pull a different one. If it uses a shared library, that might also might need to be updated if it does not include symbols for arm64

I see that the extension you mention is quite old. Most probably it needs to upgrade google SDK to compile on arm64.
Anyway, you can use haxe-ga (since it’s pure haxe code, so it works on every target). I understand that for some reasons you may prefer a native extension (in that case you may need to upgrade that extension or wait some days as I’m planning to add native SDK for android and iOS to haxe-ga as soon as I have some time).

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@singmajesty, @fbricker, Thanks for the reply! I will try it rightaway.

I seem to have GAnalytics working on iOS (8.nearly latest) and all I think I did was to get the git repo for GAnalytics, with the current OpenFL/Lime & Xcode and do a ‘lime rebuild ganalytics ios’ and I think all the necessary libs were built.