Fonts working with HTML5 in PiratePig?

I’m having a bear of a time getting fonts working with the HTML5 target.

I figure the most minimal example is PiratePig. If I build and run the HTML5 version, the score font does not render as FreeBooterUpdated, but as the default browser font. I included the eot, svg and woff files as mentioned in the docs, but no luck. Note that I’m seeing this in Chrome and IE.

Just wondering if there’s a trick to it that I’m not seeing.

In last update of openfl, added new feature using native font name.
For piratePig sample you must use:
var defaultFormat = new TextFormat (“Freebooter”, 60, 0x000000);
Native font name is not always font file name, check it by preview font

Ahh, that’s working now. Confusing, but working :slight_smile: