Fix Openfl flash mp3 sound no exist

I found issue that when you play mp3 file in flash it no founded. To fix that:
Line 142 change:
if ((assetType == BINARY || assetType == TEXT || assetType == MUSIC) && requestedType == BINARY)

Thanks, I’m not sure this is quite right, though.

I just made it so that Assets.exists ("id of bitmap", BINARY) will work, as well as Assets.exists ("id of sound", null); will work

I don’t think we can return that a sound or music asset, if you want binary, can work properly on the Flash target, since there’s no straightforward conversion from an embedded sound to a ByteArray

I found it issue during working with sound on flash target. Files present but when I check Assets.exists it return that no files present. And than found how to solve this.
Now it better with your changes.