Firebase extension for Haxe


If you succeed with iOs and you write here about this I will be grateful. Today I did not work with iOs


Sure i will try it , but as for right now the app is in Android.


I still have not achieved a positive result on iOs.
i getting empty result when i use getinstanceidtoken command in extension
getinstanceidtoken == ""
I do not get any errors or warnings
I think that at the moment I have come to a standstill.


@Socialflasher have you been succesfull implementing Firebase Analyytics into android?

I tried this extension and it kinda works, BUT
all events end up being “queued” and only get send on uninstall from the app.

They do turn up in the log, but like this
FA-SVC : Logging event: origin=…
FA-SVC : Saving event,…
FA-SVC : Event recorded: …
FA-SVC : Upload scheduled in approximately ms: 3589654 //(~1h)
FA-SVC : Scheduling upload with GcmTaskService

Still even after that 1hour i never get those events, but the moment i uninstall my app i get them instantly.

Cant seem to get it to work


Is there any update on this extension?

I’m trying to make it work.


I have it fully working on android and ios currently.


Can you give any advice on how to fix it?