Files explorer for android?


Anybody knows if there is a native extension for android that can be used to explore files?

I want to be able to save files, and open them, so, users will be able to select which file to open.

Any advice?

Hmm, does sound like an extension. Should be possible to read/write files, but the UI for picking a file sounds like Java.

If someone knows how this works on Android, we could look at integrating Lime support for that, since we have a FileDialog API already in place :slight_smile:

That’s cool! I can go with a custom solution, that is to use stablexUI to show a drop list of all files saved in the app data, but it would be much better to use something native…

I’ve searched for a solution, I found those that can be integrated into lime?

Jeff Ward is trying to build a native extension for the above library, seeking for a support here: I wish I can help him…!topic/haxelang/ZrNGOOWR5fk

OpenFL/Lime have FileDialog support already :wink:

EDIT: Oh, Android. Yeah, we’d need to call some custom Java code for that to work, but it would be wired into the Lime FileDialog API, perhaps?

Yes, that would be great feature to add, community already missing the open, save file dialog, I will be the first one to use it!