Extension-facebook error on android

hi, i use extension-facebook (https://github.com/SempaiGames/extension-facebook) for my project.
When i build android i get error :
error: package org.haxe.extension.facebook does not exist
[javac] extensions.add (new org.haxe.extension.facebook.
FacebookExtension ());

But when i build demo project so without an error.

Can you help me? Thanks!

@fbricker have you seen this one? It may be because we use Gradle in the latest releases

@singmajesty thank for watching, i resolved it :slight_smile:

What did you have to do?

in my project, i use google lib so i have to override project.properties file, and in this file, i missing
"android.library.reference.3=deps/facebook-sdk" :slight_smile: