Thanks for all your best works. It seems the extension will work well for both Android and iOS.
And just my opinion, someone could improve the iAp extension. For my last try, it did not work at all with newest Android library. Donation can be made from other devs.:grin:

I’ve tested extension on Android with the latest Google Play Services 49 (ie Mobile Ad SDK 20.6.0) and Android SDK 31.
Both debug and release versions show ads fine for me, I’ve tried interstitial only.
Android now requires to have new permission <uses-permission android:name="com.google.android.gms.permission.AD_ID"/>, I will update github version soon.

I see some warnings about depreciated methods in the extension, but not sure how to check what these methods are.
Does anyone know?

I will check iOS version of the extension next.

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Extension works fine for iOS as well with the latest Mobile Ads SDK 9.4.0, just required some minor updates.
The only problem, I had the same error with initWithAdSize:GADCurrentOrientationAnchoredAdaptiveBannerAdSizeWithWidth as @Greg209, looks like it’s SDK bug. So, I have commented it out for now, ie. Adaptive Banner is not going to work, other sizes should be fine, let’s hope they will fix it soon.

I will update github version next week.

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Hi @pozirk.

Just tried the latest from GitHub and apart from a couple of things I’ve now managed to get the test adverts working on both Android and iOS. Thanks for the update. One thing I did differently was to setup the repo using haxelib dev <path to folder> and building manually rather than using the buildPackages.sh and installPackages.sh.

The couple of things are :

  1. In the repo, the folder ‘frameworks’ has a typo in it - ‘framworks’ without the ‘e’.
  2. I wanted to test on an iOS device and had to modify the AdmobEx.mm Ln #387 to specify an explicit device ID for testing, as it didn’t work trying to establish the ID in code. The ID I used came from the console output when I tried the build originally.

Thanks again.

Yep, I’ve fixed framworks.
buildPackages.sh and installPackages.sh are from original haxe extension, I’ve never used them myself. :slight_smile:
Was something confusing about test ads for iOS, but regular ads worked fine for me, so I didn’t test that.
It’s different for Android, for debug build, you need test ads for them to work.