Error in openfl

Hello everybody,
I have a problem when compiling the Haxe code generated from the AS3 code using the command haxe build.hxml, it displays openfl errors .
Please help me :slight_smile:

Perhaps you should try openfl create project NameOfYourProject to create an OpenFL project you can add source to, then use the openfl or lime command to build it. Let us know what errors you get

Hi ,
The problem is that i try to convert the flex sdk from as3 to haxe, to do so i used the as3hx, and i have to do some manual work to correct haxe compile errors, for now all of haxe errors are fixed but openfl and lime show me another kind of errors, should I manually change the openfl and lime engine to get this work?

Perhaps it depends on the errors. Does the Flex SDK work entirely without a precompiled SWC, or hidden APIs in Flash Player?

We may be missing features it is looking for, as well

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If you also share the code you have ported, others might be interested in helping :slight_smile: