Error:" Cannot read property 'parentAllowsChild' of null "

please help me
When running my application I encountered this problem "Cannot read property ‘parentAllowsChild’ of null"

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Because loaderInfo is null so how can solve this problem?

From LoaderInfo.hx parentAllowsChild :

	 * Expresses the trust relationship from Loader(parent) to the content
	 * (child). If the parent has allowed the child access, <code>true</code>;
	 * otherwise, <code>false</code>. This property is set to <code>true</code>
	 * if the parent object called the <code>allowDomain()</code> method to grant
	 * permission to the child domain or if a URL policy file is loaded at the
	 * parent domain granting permission to the child domain. If child and parent
	 * are in the same domain, this property is set to <code>true</code>.
	 * <p>For more information related to security, see the Flash Player
	 * Developer Center Topic: <a
	 * href=""
	 * scope="external">Security</a>.</p>
	 * @throws Error Thrown if the file is not downloaded sufficiently to
	 *               retrieve the requested information.

from DisplayObject.hx re loaderInfo…

	 * Returns a LoaderInfo object containing information about loading the file
	 * to which this display object belongs. The <code>loaderInfo</code> property
	 * is defined only for the root display object of a SWF file or for a loaded
	 * Bitmap(not for a Bitmap that is drawn with ActionScript). To find the
	 * <code>loaderInfo</code> object associated with the SWF file that contains
	 * a display object named <code>myDisplayObject</code>, use
	 * <code>myDisplayObject.root.loaderInfo</code>.
	 * <p>A large SWF file can monitor its download by calling
	 * <code>this.root.loaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,
	 * func)</code>.</p>

So possibly… wait for an Event.COMPLETE if you’re downloading an asset, or try yourDisplayObject.root.loaderInfo rather than yourDisplayObject.loaderInfo

hi David,
I tried to replace DisplayObject.root.loaderInfo by DisplayObject.loaderInfo but i had another error
"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘get_loaderInfo’ of null" but i think it is related to the first

I did the following test, and it seemed consistent on Flash and other platforms:


import openfl.display.Sprite;

class Main extends Sprite {
	public function new () {
		super ();
		trace (loaderInfo);
		trace (root);
		trace (root.loaderInfo);
		var sprite = new Sprite ();
		trace (sprite.loaderInfo);
		trace (sprite.root);
		addChild (sprite);
		trace (sprite.loaderInfo);
		trace (sprite.root);

If you find a difference between Flash and other targets we could resolve, let me know!

As for your function, perhaps you should try something like this:

private function get_parentAllowsChild ():Bool {
    if (loaderInfo != null) return loaderInfo.parentAllowsChild;
    return false;