Environment for building Lime

Hi! I’ve been attempting to rebuild Lime with a potential bug fix, but am seeing some strange behavior with the newly built version of Lime on Android.

For example, with my built Lime, accessing textfields crashes at runtime on Android, whereas the official versions work just fine. I’m guessing something is wrong with my build environment.

I am building on Windows, targeting Android.
For older versions of Lime (ex: 2.6.2), the Android NDK r8b works. For newer versions I’ve found I had to upgrade to a newer NDK.

What version of the Android NDK are the official builds using now?
When building for Android, is the command: “lime rebuild android” enough? Should I be adding -Dlegacy?
Could there be a subtle difference caused by the OS this is executed in?
Are there any other dependencies or tools that I may need to update or set to a specific version?


What version of Lime and OpenFL are you coming from? Are you using in your project? (if you use Flixel, the answer is probably “yes”)

The instructions for rebuilding are on Github, but if you clone recursively (so as to get all the submodules), it should work fine with lime rebuild android. It should work with multiple versions of the NDK, although if you need Marshmallow support, only a newer NDK appears to work. For this reason, we moved to r10e on our build server for default Lime builds.

If you need legacy, you should lime rebuild android -Dlegacy

Have you tried building with an OpenFL sample? I’ll try some here again and see if I experience issues with the latest source (Android is not always easy to test)