Electron question

Can the apps be used with Electron for distribution ?

Absolutely, or Node-Webkit, or PhoneGap/Cordova :slight_smile:

So that would have to be initiated by electron and then one should npm install openfl inside that project directory?
Sorry for the daft questions but this is all really new to me.

I just got PiratePig (but you could use any sample) working with Electron doing the following steps:

1.) Enter the project directory and run npm install if you have not already

2.) Install Electron:

npm install electron --save-dev --save-exact

3.) Edit “package.json” and add a new script

"start:electron": "npm run build:dev && cd dist && electron main.js",

4.) Download this file and save it in your “dist” directory

5.) Run npm run start:electron

The “main.js” is a Node.js application, which uses Electron to open a new window, and open “index.html”. All the rest is the same as what we do for the normal web build :slight_smile:

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Mind blown. So this means it could possibly be packaged as a standalone.

Edit 1: it is more like a full circle mind blown moment actually.

Edit 2 : and there’s the possibility to load swf content. Amazing.

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