Documentation for class imcomplete

Hi there,

I just noticed that the documentation for the class is not listing some methods.

I was checking this thread

… and then I tried this code:

So at least the methods ‘bind’, ‘listen’ and ‘peer’ and not showing in

Can anybody point me to the repository where the class is (I can’t find the code in lime nor in openfl) and let me know what procedure to follow to contribute to the documentation?

Thanx a lot.

Hello xaibot,

The class is a part of Haxe Standard Library and not of Lime or OpenFL. Here is the full documentation of it

Hi Hazame,

Thanks for the link to the documentation. That makes my life much easier.

Still, the documentation on should (IMHO) mirror that on (not only for Socket but for every class that is not directly part of the openfl/lime) , or at least contain a warning with a link to the official documentation source.

I checked the repositories on but none of them seem to correspond to Is it not publicly available?

Thanks again.

The “” output is generated from the “openfl/docs/” folder in OpenFL, using your local Haxe install, Lime and OpenFL to generate the output. I’ve been working on this recently.

I don’t know why certain things are showing on the Haxe documentation, and not ours. Different Haxe release version? Perhaps the GIT version of Haxe has added features the release does not?

Then again, it may be we need to run the documentation output again, and check if the server runs Haxe 3.2.1 or not

I will take a look to see if I can reproduce the problem with the docs generation.