Differences between flash and windows target

Runned into two things, first some x,y offset upwards and left on windows target in textfield positioning:

and second with Actuate, for some reason this works in flash but ignores the rotation in the windows target :

Actuate.tween(figc, 5, {rotationY : -20, scaleX : 6.5, scaleY : 6.5}).reverse(true).repeat().reflect();

OpenFL has no rotationY property, only rotation

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That’s super weird because it is rotating in the Y axis in flash.
I used it because I saw it here: https://github.com/jasonsturges/openfl-away3d-actuate-demo/blob/master/Source/Main.hx

When you target Flash Player, the full API is available, so anything we do not support officially is still available :slight_smile:

There might be a way for us to support rotation X/Y on OpenGL (since we are actually rendering in 3D) but I’m not sure about canvas and Cairo

IMO, a warning to the compiler output could be very useful in this scenario.

I believe sprite.rotationY will fail to compile, but it must be because Actuate.tween is using Dynamic access. Perhaps it should have a warning for properties it can’t find

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