DB Connection with Microsoft SQL Server

Is there any solution on the MS SQL Server DB connection on OpenFL project?

Does anyone ever do a OpenFL project and compile it into Android project?

I have tried with “lime test android”, it seems compile into Android project and able to be debugged in my Android device, but I wasn’t able to open the project in Android Studio 1.5. I suspect that the issue may caused by no gradle has been built.
Alternative, If I’m able to compile the android project with gradle, it gonna be great to make connection to MS SQL Server with web service. [just connection but not others bcos I’m still look for cross platform to iOS]

It looks like you got an answer to this on the Haxe mailing list (to use Kha).

But it would be great if there is some body who working on the project that similar to mine as well as the experience on connecting to MS SQL Server.