Current rendering engine

Which is the current rendering engine in OpenFl? Does it use Pixi.js or something like that?
Maybe a stupid question, but I am reading so many pages, articles, site, documents about HTML5 development that I can’t even remember my own name :frowning:

The OpenFL renderer was inspired by pixi.js

When it was first implemented, it worked as well as the Pixi canvas renderer (GL support was delayed, due to no iOS support, I wanted to focus on canvas support first). Over time, additional features were added, but it still performed as well as Pixi.

I have not done a performance sweep recently, it’s possible that we may have some low-hanging fruit to improve the performance of canvas rendering. Some things (like setting dirty flags) can be easy to mistakenly flip too often

The GL renderer was ported from pixi.js, but has undergone a number of modifications. I’m not sure where things stand there, entirely, but it’s all open and there are a lot of great improvements we can all make

Very good, thank you Joshua!