Conditionals in project.xml

To fix some bugs - foremost with TextFields on HTML5 - I usually move a copy of OpenFL’s TextField.hx into the src path of my project like src>openfl>text>TextField.hx
and do my ‘local’ fixes there.

Now for one of my latest projects, depending on the target platform I need to use either OpenFl 7.x.x or OpenFL 8.6.4

Unfortunately the altered TextField.hx just works with the matching OpenFL version.

My question is this: In project.xml, we can set a src path like
<source path="src" />

is there some way I can force a specific folder depending on the current OpenFl version being used?

Something like
<source path="folder" if="openfl==7.1.2" />
<source path="anotherFolder" if="openfl>8.0.0" />

Check this: