Compressing Assets folder on Native Targets

The one thing I dislike about the build for native/neko targets is that the Assets folder is included raw, with all information about sounds, graphics etc.

Simple question all things considered, is there a way to compress the Assets folder without affecting the loading of such assets in these target builds, or is there some hard-coded method required for this compression to work smoothly? I ask this because of how easy it can be to redistribute these resources and how difficult it would be for an author to enforce copyright protection on these resources (like compressing the resources).

You can embed them in the executable, it’s not really protected but at least the assets aren’t in plain sight.

You need to add embed="true" to the <assets /> in your project.xml.

Ah, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

You can place all the assets to .swf file and compress them using flash capabilities.