Compile error when upgrade to openfl 4.0


I am getting this error when upgrade to openfl 4.0

$ openfl test flash
Type not found : ApplicationMain

Switching back to 3.6.1 works.
Is it as expected for old projects or bugs?
It would be nice to have a migration guide if this is as expected.

Are you using Git and/or building from source? If so, you probably need to re-run tools.hxml. (At least, that’s what worked for me.)

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Also, make sure that Lime and OpenFL are both updated at the same time

Update to lime 3.0.0 fixes it, thanks.

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i get error : Type not found : openfl.display.Tilesheet
openfl 4.0 don’t use Tilesheet?

As explained in this thread, Tilesheet was removed. Tilemap provides much of the same functionality, fortunately.