Community email flood

Hey. For the last few days I get emails summarizing the openfl messages, but one each day, each with just one topic. Anyone else been getting this ?

If you don’t come to the community forum you’ll receive a summary email,
you can configure that in your account preferences under “Activity Summary”.

Thanks for the reply.

I use to get summaries each week but now they’re coming through each day …

Anyway. I know I can unsubscribe but thought it may be a technical problem.

All the best

You can also configure the frequency, from every 30 minutes to every 2 weeks.

You only get the email if you don’t come here, maybe that’s the difference?

I’m having the same issue, instead of a summary, I’m getting individual posts, and although I had it configured to send me the e-mails once a week, I’m getting them every day. Yesterday I’ve unsubscribed completely, but still today I got an e-mail about this thread.

Marco Lopes

I’ll try upgrading the forums again, perhaps this was a regression