Common problems and solutions

Hi everyone,

I open this thread so we can make a list of common problems and solutions for newcomers. I find these problems every time I start a new OpenFL project or ask someone from the team to install the tools. I find myself always looking at the forums to read the same treads.

Feel free to answer with other common problems and solutions you think are relevant and I’ll try to keep the first post updated. Also, let me know if the issues are fixed and I’ll delete them.

I only have Android problems right now because it is the target I’m working with now.

Target Android:

Problem: Can’t compile because there is a problem with the NDK.
Solution: Latest NDK compatible with OpenFL is r15c

Problem: On windows, some paths get too long. It only allows paths with 240 chars.
Solution: Change the build path on project.xml:

<config:android gradle-build-directory="New Path" />

Problem: Builds of new APK must be 64 bit to be released on google play.
Solution: Set the architecture on project.xml:

<architecture name="arm64" />