Clicks on SWF not registering? OpenFL nextgen

My project that runs fine on legacy seems nearly ready for primetime on current openfl.
However, clicks on SWF assets do not seem to register at all (works fine in legacy) Is this a known problem?

Is there anything you could share with me (feel free to PM instead of making a public post if you want) that shows this issue? The hit testing for the newer OpenFL should be more robust, but there may still be edge cases that work in Flash but not OpenFL, yet :slight_smile: Have you tried the Flash target? How does it work in this case?

Sorry my bad - turns out the issue is a completely different one.

Here’s what’s happening:

I’m making an empty sprite and then I draw a round rectangle in it. In legacy this works fine and results in a sprite that’s overlaying the SWF and registers the clicks.

Here’s what I see in nextGen - first the sprite has a width of “0” as expected, but once I draw into it (graphics.drawRect) the width turns to NaN. No wonder the button overly never works.

Could you share a little of your code? This sounds like a funny edge-case that might be hard to track without the exact steps you’re taking :slight_smile: