CHAOS UI Framework HX

Could you maybe open an issue here: with a full test app, or a full project zipped? That might help isolate the issue (again, i dont really want to hijack this thread). :slight_smile:


IanHarrigan1982 I don’t care that you hijacked this thread. I did bring up HaxeUI that’s why I don’t mind after all. It’s more about helping the person with there problem then what framework they use. SourceSkyBoxer I never used lime.ui.Window so I have no clue how it works. From the code it looks like you’re trying to create a new window once a user push a button inside your app. I’m sure you can either use HaxeUI to solve this problem. Or the Lime Window class and then add in HaxeUI or CHAOS UI.

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i using scrollbar but not success. i create scrollbar

	_scrollBar = new ScrollBar();
	var scrollContent:ScrollContent = new ScrollContent(_container, _scrollBar);
	_scrollBar.sliderColor = 0xD5D500;
	_scrollBar.sliderDownColor = 0xAEAE00;
	_scrollBar.sliderOverColor = 0xAEAE00;
	_scrollBar.x = _scX + _container.width;
	_scrollBar.y = _scY;

At other function, i add more image into _container, but _scrollBar not update follow new height of container

I think you don’t have to set the location of the scrollbar. Look at the file that comes with the framework for examples.

if i run on mobile browser, how do hide slide, only drag container to move?

You’ll have to work all that magic yourself. You override things in the class or start building mobile stuff. If anyone want to folk the GitHub or help me with mobile classes I wouldn’t stop you.